Yale Class of 1968


50th Reunion | May 31 – June 3
Thanks for Being There…!

Dear Yale Classmates,June 14, 2018

Well, our 50th Reunion is behind us…! With 826 attending, including spouses and friends, we broke two records for the 50th Reunion…and had the best time ever.

Plus, we have exceeded our reunion giving goal, raising over $85 million with help from many of you.

Thanks to all of you, our Classmates, who managed to battle hotel accommodations, travel arrangements, registration, jet lag and more, to make it to New Haven…and home safely once again.

From the beginning to the end, our 50th was a reunion to remember for the ages. Very simply, it was a grand event, with great food and spectacular events we’ll remember for years. And, it all went off without a hitch.

Preceded by Bayne Stevenson’s 21 lunches and dinners nationwide, beginning in February and drawing over 280 classmates and guests, the Class of 1968 marched into New Haven ready to go.


Highlights of Our Great 50th Reunion

Vietnam Quaker Meeting: Guided by Jacques Leslie and Rick Sperry, roughly 275 of our Classmates listened to another 30 or so as they openly expressed their views on the Vietnam War and their experience with it. Their comments will be available on our website.

Retrospective on the Brewster Years: Geoffrey Kabaservice gave an energetic, informative presentation on the Kingman Brewster years and many changes that took place on Campus in the late 60’s, with comments by Dean John Wilkinson and follow up Q & A with Strobe Talbott and the audience.

A Conversation with President George W. Bush: Classmate and former President George W. Bush was interviewed by Roland Betts on his time at Yale, his reaction to 9/11, his term of office and life after Yale as a painter – a relaxed and informative discussion enjoyed by our Classmates.

Memorial Service: An extremely moving and emotional Memorial Service with an exceptional video tribute to our deceased Classmates aired at Sprague Hall on Friday. Produced by Yale Rabbi James Ponet, Frank Gallinelli, and Neil Berkson, musical score by fellow classmate Tony Schemmer. A copy is now available on the website (click here, or see In Memoriam, top of page).

Yale Students Today: Jack Weiss moderated a highly informative session on students and the First Amendment on the Yale campus today, with panelists Classmate and former Duke president Dick Brodhead; current Yale College Dean Marvin Chun; English professor and former JE Master Penny Laurans; and recent Yale graduate and head of the William F. Buckley Foundation, Lauren Noble.

Classmate Showcase: A remarkable Showcase of the things our Classmates are most passionate about included Lloyd Kaufman, Ben and Vanessa Henneke, Livy Miller, Jonathan Coles (classical guitar), Mick Davidson, Sam Madeira and Rick Sperry, and ended with all standing to sing, “March, March on Down the Field,” arranged and directed by Tony Schemmer.

The Y ’68 Class Dinner: Led by Yale President Peter Salovey Friday night under a tent on the Old Campus with lifetime achievement awards going to Classmates who have been Fellows and Senior Fellows of the Yale Corporation – Roland Betts, Sandy Warner and Ed Bass.Kudos and a standing ovation went to Steve Weisman for editing the Class Book and AYA Distinguished Service Awards from our Class went to Neil Berkson and Rick Sperry to recognize their great work on the Reunion.

Yale ’68 Golf Outing:
Sponsored by Jack Weir and Livy Miller, this kicked off the festivities on Thursday morning with 36 people in attendance…including several last minute sign-ups.

There was music throughout the weekend beginning with a soft jazz band on Thursday night under the tent at Davenport, Calypso steel band on the Old Campus, Dan Badger and an impromptu singing group on Saturday and a full soul-rock sound with the Bales-Gitlin Band to wind up the final evening.

Your Yale Class of ’68 team leaders wish to thank all of those who helped make the Reunion such a fantastic event for all. And many thanks for your great commitment to us.

Stay healthy! See you all again in 5 years in New Haven.

Boola! Boola!

Bill Baker
Rick Sperry
Jim Latimer
Steve Weisman
Neil Berkson
Phelps “Mike” Riley
Frank Gallinelli