We’re in Pretty Good Shape,
Still Noticeably Liberal…
—and Strait-Laced

By Charles McGrath

After completing a Marshall scholarship in England, Chip McGrath tried to linger at Yale by enrolling in the Graduate School, but soon dropped out for a career in journalism. After working for 23 years at The New Yorker, where he was head of the fiction department and deputy editor, in 1995 he moved to The New York Times, where he was editor of the Book Review, and, later, a writer at large. He recently edited an edition of John O’Hara’s short stories for Library of America, and is now working on a similar edition of E.B. White’s letters and essays.

WE WERE OPPOSED TO A GREAT MANY THINGS back in 1968, and for many of us, growing old was near the top of the list. Now here we are — how did it happen so fast? — geezers ourselves, and merely being alive seems an accomplishment … Click here to continue to read Chip’s essay.

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