Classmate Websites - page 2

Keith Marshall‘s Plantation House and Country Hotel in Napoleonville, LA
– Madewood Plantation Hous –
Livy Miller‘s Natural Hydration drink with All 6 electrolytes and no sugar, calories or carbs.
– ULtima Replenisher –
Bob Morehouse‘s branding and marketing products in the natural and organic food world
– Vermillion Design –
Jerry Oyama‘s paintings “Paint as You Like and Die Happy”
– Jerry Oyama paintings –
David Parson‘s luxury villa rentals, Scottsdale, AZ
– Parsons Villas –
Richard Rubens – an eclectic collection of lifetime favorite literature, culture and humor
– “Dead Parrot” –
Stephen Scolnik‘s Washington, DC area climate monitoring system and blog
– Capital Climate –
Paul Sears – gallery of gifts for artful living
– Objects of Desire –
Ernest Singer‘s wine making project in Japan under the Koshu label
– The Koshu Project –
John Smolowe, MD‘s psychotherapy by Buddhism, existentialism phenomenology, mathematics et al.
– John Smolowe Interpersonal Mindfulness –
Rick Sperry‘s “Best Books” in U.S. history including WW I & II. Members only.
Open to all Yale ’68 classmates. Username & password = yale1968
– History 500, LLC –
Tim Weiskel‘s blog “Transitions to a Just and Sustainable Future on a finite Planet”
Transition Studies –
Steve Weisman‘s website features the books he has written, including his latest, The Chosen Wars: How Judaism Became an American Religion.