Classmate Websites

Many of our classmates have created personal websites for hobbies, small businesses, pet projects, etc. Computer science and web guru Tom Harmon will gradually gather a listing of these prior to the Reunion. If you have a website that you’d like to share and include below, contact Tom.

Richard Anderson, MD’s personal photography worldwide
– Richard Anderson Photography –
Roger Bagnall, Professor Emeritus of Ancient History
– Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
Michael Charney’s Program for Urban Cycle Safety in Philadelphia
– The Dutch Reach Project –
John Chernoff’s Testament to African Rhythm and Sensibility
– A Drummer’s Testament –
Carlton Davis’s book on dealing with bipolar disorders
– “BiPolar Bare” –
Carlton Davis’s personal blog on variety of eclectic subjects
– The Artdoctore’s Weblog –
Ben Ellison’s State of the Art Marine Navigation Systems
– Panbo: The Marine Electronic Hub –
Ben Heneke‘s TIST sustainable agriculture program in Tanzania
– International Small Tree Planting Program –
Phil Hersh‘s A Lifetime Of Olympic Sports Coverage
– Globetrotting by Phil Hersh –
Mark Hinderlie‘s Project to reduce homelessness among the elderly
– Hearth: Ending Homelessness –
Gary Howard‘s Program to Create and Enhance Greater Social Justice
– Gary Howard Equity Institute –
John Lincoln‘s Design and Mac Help Studio
– Cubic Arts –
Bruce Livie Fine Arts Dealer and European collections in Munich, Germany
– Arnold Livie Gallery –

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