Pre-Reunion Events

During the winter and spring leading up to our reunion, the Yale Class of 1968 hosted a series of Pre-Reunion lunches in cities across the country.

Other classes have done this with great success and report that it is a good way to get ready for the reunion and, for those who are unable to attend, to connect with their classmates.

A huge ‘Thank You!’ to Bayne Stevenson, who organized this effort and contacted local class volunteers. All of our Pre-Reunion events are celebrated below.

Lyme, NH May 18, Lyme, NH: The last of the Class of ’68 Pre-Reunion dinners was hosted after a cruise down the CT River, by Bayne Stevenson at the lovely Lyme Inn in NH. Our hats are off to Bayne and his wife Jeannie for organizing so many great events across the country. Seated (L to R) are Jon and Liz Steffensen, Jim Latimer, Lex and Mary Ellen Towle, Bill Stratford, Bayne Stevenson, Rick Miller, Mark Bard and Mike Harvey. Many thanks, Bayne, for pulling us all together. (Click here to view a larger version of this image.)
April 14, Naples, FL: The picturesque Port Royal Club in Naples was home to Y’68’s Southern Florida contingent consisting of Bill and Lynn Martin, Sandy and Sarah Randt, hosts Joe and Leslie Fogg, Paul and Linda Applegarth. Jim Latimer was able to make it up from TX and provide a nice reunion run-down. Convivial lunch overlooking the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
March 11, Boston, MA: Dodging a major NE snowstorm, 40 Yale ’68 classmates and spouses gathered at the Wellesley College Club to celebrate old times and re-establish Yale ties. Hosts Sam Pease, Bill Howerton, Jamie Fisher and Jon Steffensen organized a convivial event enjoyed by all. Class Secretary Jim Latimer gave an overview of upcoming reunion activities in New Haven. Click image or link for photos. Click to see a gallery of photos of the evening.
DC gathering March 23, Washington, DC: One of Y’68’s best gatherings yet was hosted at DC’s fashionable Cosmos Club by Jim Coyne, Bob Reisner and Terry Johnson. Over 40 Y 68’s, spouses attended a grand cocktail reception, dinner. Reunion Committee members Steve Weisman, Jim Latimer and Rick Sperry gave a nice update. A highlight of the evening, was a fun ’round-the-room intro by each attendee… great to hear what folks have been up to. Click to see a gallery of 11 photos of the evening.
March 17, La Jolla, CA: The mighty Yale Class of ’68 met for dinner at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club arriving at 7pm, and were the last to leave, well after 10 pm. A terrific evening was had by all. (L to R) Dr. Hoi-Sang U and wife Vivien, Dr. Bonny Forrest and husband Steve Armstrong, R. Thomas Herman and wife Marilyn, and Greta and Steve Treadgold.
March 17, Santa Monica, CA: A bunch of the ’68 Old Blue gang had a ball at dinner last night at the Markles, in Santa Monica. We were just over 20 including the ladies. Great food, great wine and great stories from all. (L to R) Ron Enholm, Biff Levy, Dan Begel, Carlton Davis, Rich Schneider, Peter Markle, Clif Cates, Rob Farber, Derek Shearer, Ralph Kirshbaum, Fred Hahnfeldt.
March 15, San Francisco, CA: Over 20 Y’68 classmates and spouses gathered at scenic One Market Restaurant on the downtown waterfront of San Francisco Bay on a beautiful, picture-perfect sunny March day. Plenty of great conversation and reminiscences of great times at Yale to go around. A great time was had by all. Click through for the gallery of six (6) photos.
March 14, Atlanta, GA: The venerable Buckhead Club on Atlanta’s celebrated Peachtree Rd. played luncheon host to 21 Y’68 classmates and spouses … great catching up by all. (L to R) Robert and Diane Fitzpatrick, Robert and Lou Thompson, Bob Trukenbrod and Peg Maloney, Robert and Terry Kauffman, Bill Lieppe, Robert and Mimi McCallum, John and Olivia Barge, Fred and Mary Andrews, Ken Cohen.
March 13, Palm Beach, FL: A great turnout in Palm Beach for a lunch cruise aboard the classic old ‘Trumpy’ yacht “Enticer.” Front L-R: Bayne Stevenson, Steve Tyre, Tom Cleveland. Back L-R: Carol Cope, Gail Krause, Peter Krause, Jerry Cope, John Brim, Lynn Tyre, Tony Clarke, Steve Weisman, Barbara Cleveland, Sandy Carden. Not pictured but attended pre-launch: Ginny Orthwein and Peter Orthwein (Cornell ’68)
March 7, Portland, OR: Great attendance and a wonderful time together at the Arlington Club in Portland. Lots of sharing of recollections of Yale years together. With spouses, 17 of us, more than expected. Many thanks to our benefactor for lunch – such a nice idea. Back row: Fred Ross, Brad Jonasson, Steve Corey, Jim Gardner, Bill Hopkins. Front row: Eli Estey, Stuart Lawrence, DJ Kadir, Mike Wise, Art Hayward. Our best to all.
February 27, Sarasota, FL: A salty Florida lunch cruise in the high seas was had aboard Freedom, a 75’ 1965 “Trumpy” Classic Pilothouse yacht…(L to R) Jeanie Stevenson, Bayne Stevenson, Mike Buckley, Sally Buckley, Patty Rausch, Elsa Soderberg, Peter Soderberg, John Calfee, Curt Rausch, Gayle Nikerson, Michael Mariner, Allen Clark, Marion Mariner, Andrea Calfee. Thanks from all to Bayne and Jeannie for hosting.
March 1, New York, NY: Over 40 Elis and spouses gathered to renew old ties on the roof deck dining
room of NYC’s venerable home base Yale Club. Hosts Mike Berger, Andy Morse and Reunion Committee members including Chair Bill Baker, Class Secretary Jim Latimer, Frank Gallinelli and Neil Berkson all in attendance. Click here for a gallery of live interviews, photos of attendees.
March 7, Minneapolis, MN: The historic Minneapolis Club was the site of a most enjoyable cocktails and dinner hosted by Larry Schuster, Conley Brooks and Rob Johnson and intrepid spouses. Numerous great conversations about “the road taken (or not)” since Yale. All are looking forward to the reunion in New Haven end of May.
March 1, Denver, CO: Host Jeremy Kinney gathered a nice group Y ‘68’s and their spouses at the Cherry Hill Country Club for lunch and good fellowship. (L to R) Neil and Cindy Piller and Holly and Jeremy Kinney. Not shown: Jan Laitos and wife, Juliana Okulski and Bob Morehouse who had to depart a little early. A good time was had by all!
February 20, Philadelphia, PA: The best view in town was had by 18 Y ’68 classmates and spouses from the Pyramid Club on the 52nd floor of Mellon Center. (L to R front) Sam Medeira, Fred Murphy, Rick Sperry, Steve Friedman, Mike Riley, (L to R back) Paul Stege, Don Crawford, Richard Dashefsky, Chris Gadsden, Fred Milner, Charlie Carmalt, Joe Tilghman, Harry Bryans, Dan Segal and spouses (not shown) Nancy Collins, Giny Crawford, Lisa Carmalt, Marcie Friedman
February 28, 2018, New Haven, CT: Venerable Mory’s hosted CT area residents for a spirited lunch and great conversation. Front Row (from left to right): Laurie Jackson (with D. Steinbock), Ruth Treat (with Dick Treat), Sally Rieger (with Don Rieger), Clay (Bill) Howe, Don Rieger, Muhammad Saleh. Back Row (from left to right): Dan Steinbock, Dick Treat, Scott Junkin, Jim Ditkoff, Jim Latimer, Renny Schoonmaker, Bob Horwitz, Jim Rossbach, Bill Baker and Peter Clement
October 21, 2017, Newport, RI: Great Old Yale friends gathering last fall in Scenic Newport, RI. Standing L to R – Ken Schulman, Jim Fisher, Lynn Gadsden, Chris Gadsden, Pam Fisher, Bill Howerton, John Warden, Jenny Warden, Fred Schneider (one of our freshman counselors), Barbara Cleveland, Dian Pomeranz, Jack Emmons, Jim Pomeranz, Sandy Randt, Winnie Emmons and Laura Sawyer (wife of the late Bill Sawyer). Kneeling L to R: Betsy Howerton, Gary Howard, Lotus Howard, Tom Cleveland
February 22, 2018, Houston, TX: The Briar Club in Houston rolled out the red carpet for Yale ’68 classmates Clay and Anne Johnson, John and Linda Fosseen, Bob Wimpelberg and Peter Hodgson, Bill and Julia Hixon and Jim Latimer. Great to reconnect with old friends…a nice preview for the Reunion in New Haven.
February 12, 2018, Austin, TX: Yale ’68 classmates and spouses Clay and Anne Johnson, Joe Potter and Pat Stout, Bob and Gwyneth Dieter, and Art Kidd and met for lunch at the home of Clay and Anne. The spouses loved meeting each other and it was great to catch up. So much time talking, almost forgot to have lunch.
Dallas, TX February 1, 2018, Dallas, TX: Yale ’68 classmates (L to R), Bart Wulff, Jim Latimer, Howard Hand, Kenny Raupple, and Rey Stroube met over lunch at the Dallas Petroleum Club. Great conversation about the old days at Yale and new times today. Many thanks to Jim Latimer for hosting.
Oklahoma City, OK February 1, 2018, Oklahoma City, OK: Yale ’68 classmates Kenyon Morgan (L), Russ Walker (C),
George Curry (R), met at the Oklahoma City Club for an impromptu lunch to renew old ties
and kick off the first Pre-Reunion Lunch in advance of Y’68’s 50th Reunion in May.