Greg Gallico

Greg: “My father, George G. Gallico, Jr., was an excellent artist and started me on the way as a youngster.”All through grammar and high school I managed to begin the art side of my life at a local art school with my parents’ encouragement. The opportunities later to study art ‘on the side’ at Yale were excellent. Professor Dean Keller at the Yale Art and Arch School developed my main long-term interest in figure and portrait painting while biochemistry guided me toward my career.

“I was able to continue this interest nights at the Museum School in Boston while at Harvard Med during the day. Painting, drawing, print making, and sculpture courses were all available.

“In my residency and later staff position as a Plastic Surgeon at the Mass General Hosp, art and portraiture were helpful every day in informing patients of possible surgical changes.

“And so, ART has always been a ‘side-by-side’ companion in my life.”