Lanny McDowell

Lanny: “’Homage to a Square’

“As much as my history of art major opened my eyes to the worlds of art, and the arts of the world, after a couple years I tired of my formulaic approach to writing papers and attending lectures. I signed up for some actual art courses. Instead of observing artists, I got to be one. Two courses were just what I needed. One was a painting course that gave me a big studio where I could try out big canvases and feel important. The other course was an Albers – derivative color course taught by Si Sillman. That color course may have been the most formative and most lasting academic experience I had during my four years at Yale. After graduation, world and personal events pushed me in other directions. Thirty years later, I began to rekindle the creative fires.

“Locally I am well known for my Avian Art, photographic portraits of birds. And it is not unusual for someone to exclaim, ‘What? You’re a painter too? I had no idea!’”