Marc Bard

Marc: “With one exception, art and design have always been important parts of my life, though mostly expressed in very personal and internally-directed ways. The exception was during medical school, when I earned my tuition through medical illustration. Illustration was largely abandoned as the world of clinical practice consumed me, though the ‘itch’ of creative design got largely ‘scratched’ by my evolving career as a health care consultant and founder and CEO of a consulting firm. Now as I approach the fifth quarter of an amazingly rewarding career, I have been fortunate to be able to return to my artistic roots and pursue a medium I have longed to embrace – watercolor painting. Oddly, my illustration career has proved to be an impediment, as I have discovered that being a landscape artist requires abandonment of many of my sensibilities as a medical illustrator. For me, the differences are a continual battleground. Many of my paintings depict the tranquil environs of Squam Lake, New Hampshire, where we weekend and summer. The contrast between Squam’s serenity and the chaos of today’s health care environment provides much of the energy for my work. Watching the pigments interact on paper to generate new possibilities serves as perfect metaphor for my consulting work. And as payback for the first four quarters of my career, all of my paintings are donated to charitable organizations for fundraising purposes.”