Roger Clapp

Roger: “Since Earth Day, my professional life has centered on hydrology – safeguarding water quality and restoring stream habitat. I earned my PhD in Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia building on Yale pre-med sciences. Along the way, I worked at St. Christopher’s School, Richmond and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and then worked independently on contracts with American Indian Tribes. Now I occasionally sketch and paint to satisfy my soul. In the following pictures you can see a drawing of my wife Andrea – a consequence of the teaching of Deane Keller. I recommend that all classmates check out Deane Keller & the Monuments Men. The second picture was done on the last day of our Intro to Drawing course. After drawing ellipses, then brown bags and sports jackets on chairs – we had one opportunity to draw head shots of guys in our class. You will see a drawing of Kirk Casselman – energetic and selfless promoter of Yale – a dear friend to many of us. You can find two colorful abstract acrylic paintings – totally a consequence of Si Silman’s color class. Finally, you will find two joyful works drawn for my daughters Roslyn and Mavis. There is a watercolor of stuffed toys along with simple messages to children. The picture with Kermit mentions Hammer’s Hill, an off-the-grid hideout in West Virginia. Now, Andrea and I have a peaceful life on the southern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains. We enjoy visitors.