Visual Arts: Photos

Portrait artist Bob Anderson is organizing the artists of our class and will include their works here. All are welcome, whether you are a long standing professional or simply dabble in the arts and are proud of what you’ve created. If you’d like to be included, contact Bob.

Click on each artist’s main image below to access a rotating display of up to 10 additional works.

Richard Moore

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Richard: “I had memorable courses with Sy Sillman and Erwin Hauer in the ‘new’ Art and Architecture building, and History of Art with Vince Scully and Robert Ferris Thompson. My training in photography came in workshops outside of Yale. After a couple of seasons of archaeological photography in Cyprus and Israel, photography gave way to the working life. When I retired in 2005 I returned to photography full time. I started rephotographing sites of old photographs and digitally merging the past and the present in the same frame – ‘Twice-seen images.’ After a half dozen projects in New England, I had the opportunity to do a project in Athens, Greece over the last two years, culminating in an exhibit at the Hellenic American Union in Athens in June 2018.”